Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Thanks to a very short term loan and profits from jewelry sales we were able to make a payment to our new agency so that they have what they need to send our dossier to China.

 We are waiting on important documents right now that were expected to arrive yesterday but didn't. Hopefully they will arrive today. If they do, our dossier will be off to China. Our new agency is on the west coast, so it will be awhile before I hear anything from them, so keep your fingers crossed and pray that today is the day. I'd love to have one more reason to celebrate tomorrow!

If you are reading this blog for the first time, the back story is that our original agency was unable to process our adoption because they were suspended by the Chinese adoption authorities. They failed to tell us this until the day our dossier was to be sent to China. We were left in a position to switch agencies quickly and come up with new agency fees in about a week. NOT COOL. I am still pretty emotional about the way we were swindled out of thousands of dollars.

I am hopeful our old agency will do the right thing and give us a full refund. We still need several thousand dollars to complete the adoption and having that cash back in our adoption account would help greatly.

We are working on two fundraisers at the moment so that we can get back on track. Please help us by sharing the info with anyone you think might be interested.

July 8-15

We are asking for donations of items to be used in the auction.  If you would like to offer an item or a gift certificate, please let me know. If you own a business, I'll link your business on my blog and also in the auction. This is a great way to attract customers online stores as well as brick and mortar stores.

Ends July 8!

You can win a Kindle or a Nook (your choice!) by making a small donation or by purchasing jewelry from our jewelry page on facebook. Winner will be drawn on July 8.


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