Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Putting on my big girl panties

I've been a grump a few weeks now. This is why-

My oldest daughter has moved out. I miss her.
We have this awful paperwork delay which means we may not actually get to travel in December as we'd been hoping all along. 

If we do travel in December, we need to come up with at least $3,000 more than we had expected due to the high travel costs that month. 

We don't even have what we need for normal travel costs.

I asked for an update on Lily back in August and we still do not have it.

People have basically stopped buying jewelry.

Well, guess what? As of today, the pity party is OVER. It's time to put on my big girl panties and make this happen, let God handle these problems. 

No, we do not have the money we need to travel in December even if God does give us the opportunity, but I also believe that through hard work and prayer, that can be remedied.

Even though this is not working out according to my timeline, God is in control. How can I be sad when I know His timing is perfect and right? I have been foolish in thinking I can control this.

Kayla is an adult and on her own. She will make it and I am proud of her. 

As for the jewelry sales- I'll just keep making it. If people don't buy, then at least I have a nice collection for myself. 

The update on Lily? It will come and when it does it will be at the perfect time. I am remembering Mother's Day of this year when I woke up to a photo and video with Lily in the background. Someone had seen her photo on our blog, then noticed that she was also in some photos that another family had taken while at the orphanage. 




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