Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thank you

I have tried to think of a way to express our gratitude for all the help we have received through this process and I just can't come up with the words. A blog post is nowhere near enough, but it is all I can do for today.

Recently someone anonymously gave us some things to sell to help with our adoption funding. If that person is reading this- I want you to know that we are honored and will do our very best to use this gift wisely. If I knew who you are, I'd be harassing you to try to find a way to repay you. Since I can't do that, we'll just do our best to pay it forward and live by your example. Thank you so much. I really just don't know how to handle this kind of generosity without getting all weird. You probably know that and wanted to avoid my weirdness and that is why you chose to give the way you did, lol.

Of course, we have not forgotten the other very generous donations we have received during this process. You all have had to put up with my weirdness. Thank God you still love me.

So many people have stepped up to help in large and small ways. I cannot come up with the words to thank you all. It is just overwhelming. I wish I could do something big for each person who has helped us and it is so humbling to know that we really cannot repay any of you adequately. 

It is honestly too much. This is something I have struggled with during this entire process. I want to repay favors and gifts and I want to repay more than what we have been given and this time I just cannot do that.

I just hope that each person who has given to us or bought from us knows that we love you so much and will be thankful forever.

I hope that we are able to honor each of your gifts for the rest of our lives. We plan to always give to others in need of a family, shelter, food, clean water and education.


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