Sunday, February 19, 2012

We miss her

I never knew it was possible to miss a person you've never met, but that is exactly how I feel this morning. I feel uneasy. If you are a parent who has ever left your kids overnight, you know this feeling. It's that slightly stressed, slightly worried, pit in the stomach feeling that sticks with you until you have all of your kids near you again. Something is missing and we can definitely feel it in our house.

Once again, I am asking for prayers. We have a few small obstacles that could delay the adoption and I'm asking you to please pray for these obstacles to be removed so that we can bring our girl home quickly.


Amy said...

I'd miss her too! She looks so sweet! Hang in there. We were once in the same boat waiting for our little one. It feels like it takes forever.

Our gal was almost 4 when we brought her home. She learned English so fast and has done so well these past 15 months. As far as the delay goes, it's good to prepare yourself to expect some of this. In our case it hasn't been too bad but she does occationally act like a 3 1/2 yr old instead of the 5 yr old she is.

I pray you get to bring her home soon!

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