Wednesday, November 28, 2012

6 weeks til Lily Day?

I am so happy to say that things seem to be moving along at a more normal pace! Of course, if you have been following our journey you know that nothing has really gone according to averages for us, so I hesitate to put too much weight on average timelines for China adoptions.

Other people who were on the same timeline as us a few months ago are now in China or have returned from China with their children, but I do trust God and know that every little delay or trial has been for a purpose.

I am expecting that we'll receive travel approval in about 4 weeks, then our agency will allow us to travel 2 weeks later. Of course, in 4 weeks when our TA comes, we'll be between Christmas and New Years holidays. I am not sure how that will affect our ability to coordinate travel with the US consulate in China, the travel agency, our agency, etc. It could be more like 3 weeks from TA to travel, but the important thing is that we are moving forward!

And just because she is so adorable, here is another photo from our update last month.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Happy News!!!

Our I800 was finally approved!!!!

If you are not or have not adopted, you have no idea what I am talking about and that is okay. What it really means is that we are down to our last few steps.

The details are really boring but it involves delivering approval letters to/from the US Embassy and the Chinese adoption officials in China.

The average time to obtain travel approval from this point is around 6 weeks. Our agency says we can travel around 2 weeks later.

Of course, anything can happen. Some people wait much longer for travel approval, while others receive it much quicker than average.

While we wait for TA (travel approval), we'll get through Thanksgiving and Christmas, drive to PA and back to visit my mom, Kayla and my niece and to deliver Kayla's car to her. We'll need to do all of the standard prepping for bringing home a newly adopted 4 year old.

My head is spinning a little. We have so much to do!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Calling All Prayer Warriors

We need you all to pray.

The easy way to explain the current situation is that there is a computer glitch that is holding up our paperwork and we are now delayed by more than a month. Again.

Remember back in June when our agency told me at the last minute that they were not allowed to send our paperwork to China because they were suspended and we had to scramble to find a quick $5,000 and rush to change agencies?

Let's just say this "roadblock" thing is getting old.

I know God has a plan. I do know this. I just don't know what it is and that is the part I am struggling with.

I suspect that part of His plan through this is to teach me to quit trying to control things and to relax and let Him handle it.  I am learning. I promise.

Maybe something is going on with Lily that makes it better for her family to come in January instead of November, or maybe something will happen here that will require us to be here. Maybe the money just won't come fast enough for us to go.

I don't know the reason, but I do trust that there IS a reason. There always is a reason and every time we experience a roadblock or a delay, we realize later that the timing was perfectly planned by God. I can't tell you how many times I have thanked God for His perfect timing even through the delays.

Maybe we'll never look back at this particular challenge and clearly see why it had to be this way, but I do trust that there is a reason for this for someone, somewhere.

In any case, please pray. If not for paperwork, for my patience.

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Last Bit of Fundraising

I just checked our numbers and it looks like we only need about $7500 more to have this adoption fully funded.

I think I can do this but I need your help.

We need to sell LOTS of things to get there.

Thankfully, I have lots to offer! Really, anytime you buy anything other than groceries you can make a choice to make those purchases in a way to help us.

Here is a quick rundown on ways to help that do not involve just giving your money away.

1. Buy everything on Amazon! I do mean everything! Cereal, peanut butter,underwear, batteries, area rugs, toys, cleaning supplies.... you name it. They have it. Every purchase grows our adoption fund and you will save yourself a trip to the store. Use this banner to shop-

2. Buy Jewelry from us!

3. Let us bake your Thanksgiving pies!

4. Order Santa Letters!

Of course if you hate Amazon, think my jewelry is ugly, and do not like pie or fruit butter, and have plans the day of our photo shoots, then I guess you could make a small donation. If you'd like to throw a dollar in the pot to bring Lily home, here is the link to make a tax deductible donation.

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