Friday, June 29, 2012

Kindle or Nook Giveaway

A very generous friend has offered to donate a Kindle or a Nook (winner's choice) to be used in fundraising for our adoption. I think the best thing for us to do with it is to use it for a giveaway.

Donations can be made to me at via paypal.

$5 donation or jewelry purchase for one entry
$10 donation or jewelry purchase for three entries
Share on Facebook or Twitter to gain an extra entry.

So, you can either choose to buy something or just make a donation. Some people prefer not to donate, while others prefer to donate. You can contribute any way you like.

Entries will be accepted until midnight central time! 

I'll pull the winner on July 8, so enter soon!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

We have good news, and we have bad news.

Okay friends, the 10 days have been intense to say the least. Let me explain what has happened.

Several months ago, our adoption agency was suspended. We were told that the suspension would not affect our adoption since we already had PA and had begun the process.

Fast forward to June 18. Our dossier was complete. Our agency told me it was on the way to China, other wise known as DTC.

This is a big deal. A really big deal when you are in the adoption world.

I was so excited! I posted on my DTC Spring facebook group but nowhere else. I  wanted to wait until the fedex tracking info showed that it had made some progress and was truly headed overseas.

It's a good thing I held off cause I checked that fedex site over and over again only to see that the package had not even been picked up from our agency's office.

Then, the next day, I got an email that said that due to the suspension, the CCCWA would not allow us to submit the dossier until September.

Anyone who has adopted knows that this news was heartbreaking.

I cried a lot that afternoon. A lot.

I put the kids in the car and cried while I drove to the farmers market (only because we needed produce and soap desperately). It was hard to walk around there feeling so devastated when my world had seemingly just come crashing down.

Several days went by and finally we decided to transfer to a new agency, but that was risky.

Yesterday our old agency unlocked her Lily's file and then we waited for the CCCWA to reassign her file to the new agency.

Today I was told that the new agency has locked her file and we are ready to keep moving! 

Now we are starting all over again, but this time we have a completed home study and dossier.

All we need to do is pay our new agencies fees, which is something we had not planned to do. Had we known we'd have an additional $5,000 in fees, we would have been selling off things we own, working harder at finding craft shows, selling things on ebay.

These fees hit us hard and fast and the only way to get our dossier to China is to come up with the money to pay our new agency.

Please help me share our jewelry page.  I will ship anywhere. These items would make great gifts and each purchase goes into our adoption fund 100%.

Please post the link on facebook, email to you friends, anything to help get the word out quickly so that we can raise the money fast.

Please consider buying something from our jewelry collection here on our Facebook page. This will help us pay our new agencies fees.  

 Click here to view our  in stock jewelry. I'll be adding more daily for the next several days.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I have recently created a Facebook page for our jewelry so that customers can see what is available. If you are interested in something, please comment under the photo or if you want to remain private you can send me a private message. Payments can be made via paypal, then I will ship your items in a gift box.

See the jewelry here- Wiehl Of Faith Jewelry

Monday, June 25, 2012

We could really use your prayers

Something has come up in our process that will delay our dossier submission. This delay is due to something we cannot control. I can't and won't say more publicly, but please pray that our dossier, which is fully completed and ready to go, can be sent to China very soon.

While we wait for answers, I am working hard at fundraising. I'm listing things on ebay, selling jewelry and also putting some larger items for sale on Craigslist. Please pray that these things sell well so that we can raise the rest of the fees we need for this adoption.

 For those who feel led to donate, you may make donations via paypal to or to our family sponsorship page on Reece's Rainbow. The link is to the right of this blog. Donations sent via paypal to me will be used to pay immediate expenses and in country costs, while the grant from Reece's rainbow will be given to us when we travel so we will only be able to use that for in country fees.

 Because our dossier is not yet submitted, it will be unlikely that we can travel in December. Chinese New Year is in January, so it's now looking like we won't see Lily until February.
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