Saturday, April 14, 2012


We made enough at the yard sale to cover one of our many adoption fees! I am so extremely grateful for each dollar earned, every item donated and every minute my friends spent working to make this happen for us. A few weeks ago, when I posted on Facebook asking for a place to have a sale (we can't have one here), I wasn't expecting people to want to help. I was prepared to do this alone. Ha! Thank God for my friends, because it never would have happened without them.

My friend Kim is just amazing for putting up with me the past few days. Really really amazing. Her garage is still stuffed with donations that didn't sell. I couldn't fit it all into my car so we chose a few things to pass onto Hannah Home. The rest will be taken to another friend's house to another yard sale in 2 weeks.

Susan made a great selection of jewelry and herbal concoctions- oils, salves, lotions, bath salts and ointments.

My mom, of course, has been working hard at making jewelry for me to sell and I sold a necklace and several pairs of earrings. Thanks Mom!

And my friends Brandy, Erica and Ryan helped with organizing, pricing, sign posting, and probably lots of other things I'm too dense to notice.

Thanks to all of you for helping. I really hope I didn't forget anyone. I am dead tired. If I did forget to thank someone I am sorry.


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