Friday, September 7, 2012


I feel stuck.

We are now on day 51 of our LOA wait, 5 weeks since we have been moved out of translation. 5 weeks ago, the agency said we'd wait 3-5 weeks for LOA. Maybe today is the day and I'll be able to write a new blog post later, rejoicing in our good news.

 It's been a month since we requested an update about Lily. I sent a list of questions to our agency and our agency sent them to the orphanage. We want to know how big she is now, what they call her in the orphanage,  how she falls asleep, what the nannies do to comfort her when she is sad, what are her favorite foods and toys.

We are getting a little tired. We miss her.

I had a dream about her the other night.

We were in the hotel in China. We had just gotten back from being out for a long day. I was helping her take her shoes and socks off. I untied her shoes, peeled off her little socks and tickled her toes. She giggled and then broke out into a belly laugh. And then I woke up.

Ever since that dream, I have felt like I should be looking for her. As if she is in another room playing with toys and I need to go check on her like I do with my other kids. It's weird.

But today I feel stuck. Stuck waiting for LOA, stuck waiting for updated information. Please continue to pray for us.


Jenn said...

We can't see the details but God is still busy working it all out in His perfect plan :)

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