Sunday, February 3, 2013


She's HOME! She's HERE!!! After a year of waiting and missing her, she is HERE! Praise God!

While we were in country, I wrote about our experiences and progress on a shutterfly share site. China blocks blogger and facebook, but not shutterfly, so this was a great option for us just in case we had internet troubles.

If you would like to read about it, the link is in the post below.

We've been home for less than 48 hours now and so far things are going well. The kids have been wonderful, though I can tell we will experience some growing pains as everyone adjusts to their new roles and gets used to having a new sister.

Lily (aka Shu Xing) is doing very well. She's having some crying episodes at night, which is to be expected, but she's happy during the day and really enjoying her new siblings- especially Ben.

We really thought that due to the closeness in age, that Ben would have a hard time sharing his mama and his toys with her. We've found that of all the kids, he is the one who seems to get along with her the best. I think that has something to do with the fact that he just wants to play and he doesn't let the language barrier stress him out. He talks to her and she talks to him and they just play and have fun. Nicholas and Maddie are always thinking about the fact that she doesn't yet speak English, so they hesitate to talk to her and feel awkward when they don't understand what she is saying. 

However, even with all of that, they are really happy to have their new sister and are doing very well considering the changes of the past two and a half weeks. I know they missed us very much while we were away.

Mike is going back to work tomorrow and we really need to get back into the swing of things with school. I think we can do it, even if it ends up taking all day long to complete the work we need to do. If we weren't already behind, I would put it off for another week, but we really need to catch up.


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