Monday, January 23, 2012

Big News!

I am waiting on a very important letter that will allow me to make a big announcement about our adoption. Until that letter arrives, we have to keep our good news to ourselves. We are thrilled, though and can't wait to share.

In the meantime, please support us in prayer.  Our new country is much more stable than the one we were planning on going to, but the process is a bit longer and more waiting is required. I thought we'd be traveling in June, but now it looks like we'll travel a little later than that.

Also, we are selling jewelry that my mom made for us to sell. New items will be added as she makes them and mails them to me.  See pictures at this link, and if you want something just post under the picture and I'll send you a paypal invoice.

Jewelry Sale

Also, remember this link to Amazon :)


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