Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy Happy Day!!!

Normally I don't enjoy Mondays but today has been a very special Monday!

If you've been reading our blog or know me in person, you know we had a major setback in our adoption.

Well, today we are finally back on track!

Two amazing things happened today!

The first awesome thing was that the very last document our new agency needed to add to our dossier arrived today!!!

The second is that our wonderful new agency, WACAP, was able to send our dossier to CHINA!!!!!

Yes, we are finally  DTC as they say in China adoption land!

Now, we need to wait for a log in date (LID) - 2 weeks
Then, we wait for LOA (60-80 days or more from LID)
After that there are a few more things that take a total of about 2 months.

Thank you for all the prayers, donations, purchases so far! Please take a look at the following fundraisers. We are not asking for donations, but we have some great deals for you that will help us bring Lily home!

Swedish Vacation Auction

Beautiful Handmade Jewelry

Online Silent Auction


Jennifer said...

So, maybe Christmas? If a few things happened quickly? Congrats!

Michelle Z said...

YAY!!! Sooo happy for you!

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