Sunday, July 8, 2012

What a week!

This past week should have marked one month since our dossier was sent to China.

Instead we are waiting, hoping to be able to send it tomorrow through our new agency.

So, this past week was more than a little emotional for me.

Not only that, but my mom and niece came to stay for the week. We had planned a cheapie staycation, but my mom got pneumonia and my van stopped working so for awhile we had no vehicle that would fit all the kids.

We did manage to make the van work well enough to do a few things, but still- broken van, sick mom, adoption was a bit much.

We did manage to have quite a bit of fun despite illness and vehicle troubles and I was blessed to receive donations for our Auction Fundraiser.

We had, as usual, an amazing time at the Fourth of July Celebration at American Village.

My daughter Maddie with her friends.

And yesterday we had a great time at The Hope Project's family picnic!

My son Ben with his friend Malachi.

Rope swinging at Orr Park.

Our new Hope Project Banner!

Beautiful display showcasing another family's adoption.


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