Wednesday, October 31, 2012


We got an update from our agency a few days ago. I requested this update back in August, so we were more than ready to see these new photos of our beautiful girl. She seems to be doing well, so I am thankful for that. As far as our progress goes, we are still stalled on some paperwork but that should be approved within a few days so we can move onto the next step. \

In the meantime, we'll be sending her a care package that includes a photo album filled with photos of us and her new home, a letter to her and also a few small gifts.

Emotionally, I'm getting a little tired of worrying about money. So much of our time is spent trying to come up with new ideas for fundraising. I am willing to do almost anything that pays, so if anyone has ideas for ways to earn money I am all ears.

My friend Angela and I are working on a Thanksgiving fundraiser together. She is also adopting a little girl from China and we are on the same timeline and both still need to raise a few thousand dollars. We are selling apple butter, pumpkin butter, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, apple pie, pecan pie and sweet potato pie. Please check it out here and let us know if you'd like to buy something.

Also, I'm asking people to please shop through Amazon so that we can earn a percentage of the sale. The link is below and also on the sidebar of the blog.

I'm still making jewelry and hoping to do well at an upcoming show.

Please pray for us to somehow find a way to earn the money we need to get to China.We are not asking for donations. We are very much willing to work hard to earn this money but time is running out and I am just at a loss right now and getting worried.


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