Monday, November 5, 2012

The Last Bit of Fundraising

I just checked our numbers and it looks like we only need about $7500 more to have this adoption fully funded.

I think I can do this but I need your help.

We need to sell LOTS of things to get there.

Thankfully, I have lots to offer! Really, anytime you buy anything other than groceries you can make a choice to make those purchases in a way to help us.

Here is a quick rundown on ways to help that do not involve just giving your money away.

1. Buy everything on Amazon! I do mean everything! Cereal, peanut butter,underwear, batteries, area rugs, toys, cleaning supplies.... you name it. They have it. Every purchase grows our adoption fund and you will save yourself a trip to the store. Use this banner to shop-

2. Buy Jewelry from us!

3. Let us bake your Thanksgiving pies!

4. Order Santa Letters!

Of course if you hate Amazon, think my jewelry is ugly, and do not like pie or fruit butter, and have plans the day of our photo shoots, then I guess you could make a small donation. If you'd like to throw a dollar in the pot to bring Lily home, here is the link to make a tax deductible donation.


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