Wednesday, November 28, 2012

6 weeks til Lily Day?

I am so happy to say that things seem to be moving along at a more normal pace! Of course, if you have been following our journey you know that nothing has really gone according to averages for us, so I hesitate to put too much weight on average timelines for China adoptions.

Other people who were on the same timeline as us a few months ago are now in China or have returned from China with their children, but I do trust God and know that every little delay or trial has been for a purpose.

I am expecting that we'll receive travel approval in about 4 weeks, then our agency will allow us to travel 2 weeks later. Of course, in 4 weeks when our TA comes, we'll be between Christmas and New Years holidays. I am not sure how that will affect our ability to coordinate travel with the US consulate in China, the travel agency, our agency, etc. It could be more like 3 weeks from TA to travel, but the important thing is that we are moving forward!

And just because she is so adorable, here is another photo from our update last month.


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