How You Can Help

While we wait for LOA, we are continuing to raise money. If you are wondering how to help, here are some suggestions that won't cost you anything.

1. Pray for us.

2. Buy Jewelry from us. My mom and I make necklaces, bracelets and earrings to raise money for our adoption. We sell it via our Facebook page here- Adoption Jewelry


4. Buy your coffee through our Just Love coffee store. It's fair trade, organic and delicious.

5. Buy your t-shirts through our Adoption Bug Store. They recently added cute designs that benefit Show Hope as well as our adoption fund.

6. Use Swagbucks. I know it sounds silly, but honestly I've made hundreds of dollars by using this. I downloaded the add on for Firefox and use it every time I need to do an internet search. The points add up and if you join under my referral, I'll get points for your usage also. We can cash those points in for cash pretty frequently.

7. Let me sell things on ebay for you.  We'll deduct the fees and shipping costs, then split the proceeds 50/50. You'll get rid of junk and we'll grow our fund.

 8. Consider donating $1 or $5 to our Reece's Rainbow adoption grant.
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