Sunday, August 5, 2012

Help us and win a FREE necklace!

We need your help desperately! No, I am not asking for donations. I want to give you a free necklace! Please keep reading!

LOA could come as early as 3 weeks. This is WONDERFUL and it means we'll get to bring Lily home about a month sooner than we had originally planned.

However, with this news we are also faced with having to come up with our fees about a month earlier than originally planned.

I'm learning that fundraising is a marathon, not a sprint! I can make this work if I sell jewelry every day, or list things on ebay every day, but at the moment we are still in the hole after switching agencies in June. You can read about that if you go to previous posts.

Right now we are trying to build traffic to the jewelry sale, so I am giving away this necklace for free! To enter, all you need to do is share our jewelry page (via facebook, twitter, or pinterest). This will help us sell more and help us pay our next set of agency fees. We need to raise about $3800 and so far this weekend I've sold about $250 in jewelry. I don't have enough jewelry to cover all of our fees, but if I can sell all of it, this will be a great start.

So, to win this necklace, just click on the link, then share our jewelry page (facebook, twitter, pinterest, or anywhere else). Let me know that you've shared. Maybe this will help us bring in enough sales to put a dent in that next agency bill. Thank you so much!!!


River said...

I have low readership on most things but I'll pass the word on Fb and Twitter . . . Haven't figured out how to pin from FB yet but if it's possible I'll do that too. Anything to help bring your little one home :)

merissayusko said...

I shared it on facebook! And I wear my bracelet every day. I love it!!

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