Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Waiting, waiting, waiting...

We have been "out of translation" and "in process" for 18 days now.

Our agency tells me it is typically 3-5 weeks from "in process" to LOA, but I know several families who have gotten LOA in 2 weeks. 

 Basically this means we are waiting on LOA any day now.

If we get LOA this week, there is a really great chance that we could travel over the Thanksgiving holiday and that would be wonderful for so many reasons!

I'm trying not to get my hopes up, because we are still early in the process and there are still many things that could delay us, even if we do get LOA today.

Meanwhile, I sent a list of questions to our agency so that we can get an update and more information about Lily.

We want to know her favorite toys, foods, nick name, height/weight/shoe size, medications, recent illness, what methods work well for comforting her, etc. This will help us a little during the first few days with her in China.

It will be so great to see new pictures of her and learn more about her. I've already picked out her outfits for our time in China. A sweet friend saved ALL of her size 4/4T clothing for us. We have enough clothing for all seasons to last until she grows into the next size. 

Two of my friends wanted to help us raise the money we need to complete the adoption. One friend covered the cost of  Kindle Fire for us to use in a giveaway and another friend offered us a $1,000 matching grant. Please consider donating $10 to help us bring Lily home. We're also giving away gift certificates as second chance prizes. As of right now, we have only $160, not even enough to cover the cost of the Kindle Fire ($199), so we are hoping for more entries. 


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