Sunday, August 19, 2012

Kindle Fire Giveaway and a Matching GRANT!!!

UPDATE-  We have a $1000 matching grant!!

WOW!!! After I posted what you see below, I was contacted by another donor and we were offered a matching grant! I am floored. Shocked. Amazed at what has been given to us in one day. I'm making bracelets and crying this afternoon. We are so thankful and so touched.

If you ever thought about making a donation to help us bring Lily home, now is the time. You can win a great prize and double your donation.

A sweet friend has generously offered to help us cover our agency bills by donating a Kindle Fire for us to give away! This friend is such a blessing to me. Her generosity is overwhelming, especially when she could probably really use the money herself.

As of right now, we still have not gotten a refund from our old agency. They owe us $3000.

Our next bill for our new agency is $3800.  We have sold and saved about $1800 so far, so we need about $2000 to pay this next bill. Or we need our old agency to give our money back but that will not happen anytime son. 

The giveaway will begin right now and end on August 31. I'll use to draw winners on Sept 1. Here are the prize details-

1 winner will receive the Kindle Fire, shipped directly to his/her home from Amazon!

I'll be restocking the jewelry soon with some really great things!

Read more about the Kindle Fire here-

 To enter, please make a small donation to our adoption fund-

1 entry - $10
3 entries - $20
10 entries - $50

1 entry for each "share" on Facebook, Twitter, Blog or message board- just comment to let me know you shared. 


Julia said...

I donated 20 and shared. I'm sorry I missed your giveaway/matching!!! Yikes!

Jaime said...

Donated $50

chewspam said...

I will be donating $258 on Friday when I get paid. When does the giveaway end? Please email if you have any questions.

Mary said...

Donated and shared on FB. Mark me down for 4 entries, I need a Kindle for when we go to China next summer. : )

Anonymous said...

donated and shared!

Brenda said...

I have shared on my Facebook

chewspam said...

It just went through. Please put me down for $258 in donations.

Jennifer Vines said...

shared twice on fb and donated. praying as those numbers go up, that you see how loved and supported you are!!

Christina Scott said...

Shared on Facebook.

Lisa Grace said...

Shared on FB ... we'll back to help more this week! PRAYING :)

momofmany96 said...

I shared on Facebook!i think this is great! I pray for the best for ur family!

momofmany96 said...

Sorry, my name is Lindsay and I saw this on Angelas post! Prayers for u and ur family!

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