Tuesday, August 7, 2012

This past week has been pretty amazing. 

First, we found out that our LOA should be coming within a few weeks instead of a few months.

Then, people began wanting to help us. It's almost as if God decided that he would cause our adoption to move faster so that I'd have no choice but to accept outside help. 

People I never knew cared, are now showing me that they care. And they want to help.

We sold lots of jewelry, became the Hope Suds family for August, a friend in another state is making cupcakes to help us, someone else I had never met (but now we are friends) is helping us with a Cards for a Cause fundraiser, another friend offered to help with a yard sale, someone donated $25 to our Reece's Rainbow account, and others have offered to help with various other fundraisers. I'll share about the other things soon.


You all have no idea how much I appreciate each and every person who has helped us. I hope I've done a good job of expressing this to each of you as you have helped. If not, please accept my apologies. 

We do NOT deserve this! Not at all, but Lily does and on her behalf I thank you. Every donation, purchase, prayer....all of that will help give her a family and parents who love her so much. Thank you for helping us bring her home. 


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