Friday, August 31, 2012

Homeschool books for sale

I'm not selling these books for the purpose of adding to our adoption fund. The money from the sale of these books will be used to pay for Chinese curriculum so that our current children will be able to begin learning Mandarin Chinese as well as some Chinese DVDs for Lily. At 4.5, we feel like we might have a chance at keeping her fluent if we work hard to expose her to lots of Mandarin in songs, tv shows, movies, etc.

If you'd like to buy any of these, just post a comment here. Comments are moderated, so you won't see it show up, but I will see the comments. Leave your email address and tell me which books you want. I'll send you a paypal money request and get them in the mail as soon as I receive payment.

Story of the World Volume 2: The Middle Ages
$12 including shipping to the US

Story of the World Volume 3: Early Modern Times
$16.00 including shipping

Story of the World 3- Activity Book
$27 including shipping

Writing with Ease 1
First 22 student pages are missing, but you don't need them at all. They are just sheets of lined paper.
$17 including shipping.

Writing With Ease 2
First 15 student pages are missing, but you really do not need them. They are just lined paper for the student to write on.
$17 including shipping

Writing With Ease 4
About 10 student pages are missing, but like the other grade levels, these are just lined paper anyway.
$17 including shipping.

First Language Lessons Level 4 Workbook
You will need to buy the teacher's manual to use this with your child
Brand new, never used.
$15 including shipping

NOEO Science
Chemistry 1: Bubbly, Sticky, Bouncy and Icky
Instructors Guide
Brand new, never used
$15 including shipping


Jenn said...

Hi there! I've been following your blog since our mutual friend, Kim, told me about it. I have studied Mandarin for several years and would be glad to help out if you have any questions about the language once you start studying. Just shoot me an email anytime.
Praying God's blessings over your adoption!

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